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Back in the gym

Today was the first day back in the gym since World’s Toughest Mudder last weekend. I took a few days off completely and then started running late last week. It felt good to be back in the gym lifting a little weight. I am shifting my focus in 2018 to less weight lifting and morning...
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Brea Olinda Track Workout 8x 800

Hit the Brea Olinda High School for a track workout. Started out with a 400m jog and then did cross field active stretch movements. Targeted 8 min pace the 800’s because I am just starting to train for the Surf City Marathon and would like to run a sub 4 hour race which is a...
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First Long Run After WTM

Got out for my first long run since race World’s Toughest Mudder last week at Lake Las Vegas. I ran four miles earlier this week at a very slow pace just to loosen up the legs. Today I ended up running 8.2 and it felt really good. I was on the street for all but...
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No Device Challenge & The 4’s WOD

Join me for 3 weeks of no devices (phone, tablet, computer, TV) for 2 hours a day. Spend this uninterrupted time with your family or reading a book. The 4’s Workout Two couplet and two triplet metcons for four rounds each!!!! 4 rounds Battle rope (20 wipes each arm) 10 wall balls 4 rounds 15m...
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Motivation doesn’t last, so what do you do?

Motivation is great, but it’s not going to get you to your goals. Motivation always fades and that’s where self-discipline needs to take over. Song 1: Blush [Rewind Remix Release] Music provided by Rewind Remix Artist: XpertPro Sony 2: Sex And Love [Rewind Remix Release] Music provided by Rewind Remix Artist: Kenvox
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Bacon Egg White Muffin Recipe

Bacon Egg White Muffins Yield 6 muffins Ingredients: 1 lb bacon (pork or turkey) regular cut 3 slices whole wheat bread 1 small tomato 1 small bunch fresh basil 1 small bunch fresh parsley 12 egg whites (or liquid egg whites) Cooking spray Supplies: Baking Sheet Wire Rack Pint Glass Muffin Tin with 6 slots...
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We need self-discipline, not discipline

Swam 2000 yards today. Here is a link to the SportCount LapCounter I am using in the pool.
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Starting a Vlog

Equipment I’m using for my vlog recording so far: Canon EOS M6 Rode VideoMicro Compact Vello CB-600 Straight Flash Bracket OAproda 2 Pack Replacement LP-E17 Battery SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB SDXC Flash Memory Card After reading a ton of reviews and blogs I decided to go with the Canon EOS M6 instead Panasonic LX10 which...
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Cardio WOD – SkiErg/Row workout

SKI/ROW LADDERDescend one while assenting the other by 100m. By @metconicon and @michaelhenry00 1000 SKI 100 ROW 900 SKI 200 ROW 800 SKI 300 ROW 700 SKI 400 ROW 600 SKI 500 ROW 500 SKI 600 ROW 400 SKI 700 ROW 300 SKI 800 ROW 200 SKI 900 ROW 100 SKI
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