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Box squats, pull-ups and GHD

Today’s workout consisted of box squats, pullups, partner ghd, and some sled pushing. Legs were zapped.
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Jumping Rope to Improve Running Form

Improve running form by using a jump rope to teach you how to start landing on your forefoot. You can’t land on your hell when jumping rope so it’s a great tool for teaching Pose Running. Simply start by running in place while jumping rope. Lean forward with the chest and bend at the ankle…not...
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Cardio WOD – EMOM and Ladder

EMOM for 12 mins 12x Burpees – odd min 6x OHS – even min Then: 5 min Intermission Then: Ladder 1k row + 100x DUs + 10x ball slams 700m row + 70x DUs + 10x ball slams 500m row + 50x DUs + 10x ball slams 200m row + 25x DUs + 10x ball...
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Shortcuts Won’t Earn It

There are no shortcuts on the journey to optimal fitness. Stop looking for the quick fix, instant gratification or a magic pill. Everything you want, you have to be willing to work to get it. The hard work we invest is what makes what we are doing so special. Putting in the requisite time and...
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Bar Play

A little fun on the pull-up rig after my workout. The furthest hop is about 6ft.
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Cardio WOD – Bike, Row, SkiErg, BW Work

This is a 50-60 minute slow-medium pass workout. 3 Rounds 5 min Assault Bike / Aerodyne / Spin 5 min Row 5 min SkiErg 10 pull-ups 10 push-ups 10 sit-ups (GHD if possible)
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Hill repeats, sprints, pull-ups and K2E

Felt good to get outside today for a workout this morning. Did 5 miles of 0.75 mile hill repeats, some sprints, box jumps, and pull-ups.
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Banded box squats, deadlifts, ball slams and bent rows

Some of today’s movements during my workout were banded box front squats, deadlifts from knee height, seated ball slams and bent rows. Constant variety keeps me motivated and challenged.
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CrossFit WOD – Jackie

Did CrossFit workout Jackie yesterday. Yes my thrusters look bad…I know. It’s a 1000m row, 50 thrusters, 30 pull-ups. Total time was 7:48.
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CrossFit WOD – Annie

Warm workout was the CrossFit Girls Benchmark Workout ANNIE. I really like this workout because I like DU’S. Finish in 6:58. Went all 5 rounds unbroken with my @rxsmartgear rope.
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